Currently we hold auditions once per month. During an audition, you will be accompanied either on guitar or piano. We'll ask you to sing the verse and chorus of the song of your choosing to hear your voice overall and get an idea of your vocal range. After this, we will do a short harmony exercise where we teach you a harmony part for a song. There is no need to prepare for this portion of the audition; we are simply getting an idea of how quickly you can pick up harmonies and how well your ear naturally hears them.

Some of the things that we look for in an audition include:


Below is an abbreviated list of current songs we do on the weekends. Choose one or two songs from the list, and learn the first verse through the chorus of the song. Links to tutorials are included.

Spotify Playlist of All Songs

Multiplied |  Tutorial

Glorious Day |  Tutorial

Who You Say I Am |  Tutorial

Lion and the Lamb |  Tutorial


Glorious Day |  Tutorial

Who You Say I Am |  Tutorial

Good Good Father |  Tutorial

Resurrecting |  Tutorial


Multiplied |  Tutorial

Glorious Day |  Tutorial

Do It Again |  Tutorial 1

Great Things |  Tutorial 1 | Tutorial 2

Who You Say I Am |  Tutorial

What A Beautiful Name |  Tutorial


Do It Again |  Tutorial

Jesus You Alone |  Tutorial

Only King Forever |  Tutorial 1


Great Things |  Tutorial